A characteristic feature of the course of the disease in men is that often not noticed the first of the anxiety symptoms, whether it be the distension of the venous vessels or explicitly of color through the skin. Most men experience this, they accept all for minor cosmetic defects that do not are worthy of special attention. The suspicion already arises after the formation on the feet sore of nodes, a clot of blood in the vessels and hard-to-heal ulcers in the skin.

In reality, even the "first " signals" it sends to a man of your body, it is easy to see – presented at the photo of the symptoms of varicose veins in men become clear. There are only to give due attention to the discomfort, to adopt measures more severe manifestations of the disease can be avoided. Therefore, the stronger sex is necessary to pay more attention to their state, in order to prevent problems in the early stages.

Varicose veins in men1


The cause of the development of this disease may be the presence in man of a hereditary predisposition. Precisely the genetic factor among many other specialists phlebologist call the key: if you have a pathology, it is manifest to men with higher probability.

To speed up the process of the appearance of varicose veins is able to dependence on men and alcohol and tobacco. Veins swell at an accelerated pace, if a man is abusing the consumption of tobacco and alcoholic beverages of an entry in the body of free radicals contribute to the wear of the thin walls of the vessels. Also alcoholic drinks, the toxins are able to perform changes in the circulation of the blood through the veins of the legs.

How it is manifested outwardly? Drink the men are distinguished from pacifiers that have become swollen veins of blue-violet. In addition to changing color, the vessels can be seen easily, since they protrude above the darkness of the skin of the feet, to the east by the way of a blood vessel man observes the sensations of pain. Among other features – numbness of the toes of the feet and the illusion of snake skin chills. All of this leads to the fact that smokers and alcoholics are experiencing a rapid fatigue when walking, can not long time be in a vertical position.

Another important factor causing varicose of the veins of the men in the legs, may be obesity. It is noteworthy that for the vessels critical to the excess weight, and increasing due to this load on the lower extremities. Similar effect in the male body is provided and the lifting of heavy loads, and any load in excess of physical in general.

The stagnation in the blood vessels, it also carries long stay in a static state, it does not matter much if it is permanent or long in a sitting posture. Veins of the lower limbs under the influence of excess amounts of the blood stretching and thinning, are located in the vessels of the valves no longer fully cope with its functions. The result of this and it becomes varicose of the veins of the men in the legs.

To prevent the development of this evil man it is worth to exclude the enumerated risk factors: stop in the past the addiction, to keep your weight within the normal and moderate physical activity much hinder the emergence of diseases in the blood vessels of the legs.


The symptoms of varicose veins in men are very similar to those faced by women. Are faced with the problem of varicose veins, the man in the different stages of the progression you may notice the following symptoms of illness:

  • Cramps, itching and tingling in the area of the calf muscles
  • The feeling of heaviness and pain in the legs (especially after the loads)
  • the pain of the march of the veins
  • Swelling of the feet
  • The education of spider veins
  • The appearance of the feet does not heal the ulcers
  • The bulk of the venous vessels

The symptoms of varicose veins in men can also manifest themselves, and in the groin. This type of disease is accompanied by subtle signs and therefore especially treacherous – to detect the disease at an early stage is extremely difficult.

The first grade is diagnosed only when performing an ultrasound in the course of the inspection by a specialist. Inguinal varicose veins more simple now in its second stage, when veins visible by eye, when a man remains in a vertical position.

Varicose veins in men may pass in this stage, such as varicocele, or varicose veins of the testicles. The men in this defeat suffering of vienna, working in the transport of the blood from the testicles to the seed of the umbilical cord. The precarious work of the valves in the vessels, returns the blood back to the testicles, so that in the visible veins of the bloating and the education of knots. In principle, the varicocele does not lead to dangerous complications, symptoms are often restricted to discomfort in the inguinal area. However, the dysfunction of the haemorrhage can overheat the sperm, which becomes the cause of male infertility.

Therefore, in the absence of therapies necessary varicose veins slowing the blood flow with the formation of blood clots, and ulcers. The more severe is the gap grew a blood clot – if, during the journey through the circulatory system is essential for the occlusion of the artery, immediately leads to death.

Varicose veins in men2

The treatment муржского of varicose veins

Depending on what stage of varicose veins, the man spoke to the help of the experts, there are three medicinal methodology – we are going to consider, in that they consist of and how they affect to the affected vessels.

In the event that the patient came to the hospital to receive treatment in the early phase of the disease, the doctor assigned to the complex of medications veno tones the action of the medicines and different ointments. This treatment is different relatively easily and is completely painless.

The goal of treatment of the initial phase of the defeat of the men of the veins is a narrowing of his light and to restore the function of closing of the valves. To achieve the desired effect, in addition to medications that are used, and an elastic bandage in supine position are combined in the feet, also the successful switch to half of a doctor of the fiber with toning effect.

However, on the basis of the treatment of the first stage of varicose veins includes the use of medication, the re-establishment of the circulation of the blood by reducing its density. Drugs removed from acute manifestations of the disease, inhibit the formation of thrombophlebitis and thromboembolism and, in general, exert a considerable beneficial influence:

  • Tone the vein wall of the vessel;
  • Increase the resistance of the capillaries;
  • Prevent lymphostasis
  • Stabilize the microcirculation
  • Carry on the standard properties of the blood
  • Remove manifestations
  • Prevent the formation of blood clots in the veins

If the state of the circulatory system is complicated by the presence of blood clots, the doctor prescribes medicines with content of antiplatelet agentibus – its the effect consists in the progressive dissolution of the entities. In particular, these properties have the heparin, which is contained in the гепариновой ointment.

Varicose veins in men3


However, as we have clarified above, the small defects of the venous vessels in the legs rarely becomes an argument in favor of initiating the treatment, and to a specialist, patients often come in the late stages of the disease. Of course, in such cases, varicose veins of the men in the legs takes more severe forms, in which the conventional treatment veno tones the medicines and ointments do not bring in the effect, point-like compression garment. Therefore, the treatment male of varicose veins is made primarily by operational method. To limit insignificant intervention and ensures a minimum the period of rehabilitation, are the so-called conservative of the methodology of the therapy.

  • Coagulation laser of the affected vessels варикозом – consists of the thermal impacts on the wall of the vein of vienna by a laser beam that removes the stagnation of blood in the veins.
  • Phlebectomy – surgery to remove the part abnormal extension of the vienna.
  • Radiofrequency coagulation – treatment of varicose veins in the veins under the skin of the feet.
  • Sclerotherapy – introduction to esophageal varices the extension of the vein of the substance, of "glue" damaged the glass.

Varicose veins although it refers to the surgery of the diseases, however, the timely intervention of the physician-phlebology the course of the disease can be prevented in the early stages, to prevent the realization of any of the operations listed above. In this case, will be sufficient for the realization of the society that reinforces and support activities.

  1. Say goodbye to bad habits, especially such as smoking and the abuse of alcohol
  2. Organize a balanced regime of work and rest, to adjust the diet, when the need for change of job with more of the acceptable conditions, for example, exclude high physical pressures or static state.
  3. To reduce the weight of a body with excess weight, prior to this, he must determine the cause of the obesity, and then you start to lose weight.
  4. Make it a rule to wear compression garment – tights, socks, pants specialty compatible with knits. This measure reduces the load on the hollow of modified vienna, we will get rid of the swelling.

The compression type of bedding and a measure of its compression can pick up only doctor

Prevention measures муржского varicose veins

However, each one of us has to be the most secure way to totally eliminate the disease and, therefore, avoid the cost and in the treatment. Varicose veins of the men in the legs do not threaten you, if in your life you will have to strictly follow simple prevention recommendations.

  • Refrain from smoking and reception of alcoholic beverages
  • Avoid excessive loads, either of the lifting of heavy objects, a lot of static position of strength in sport (e.g., bodybuilding)
  • Buy to take the free shoes
  • Fill your day with movement: these are ideal hiking, biking, swimming in the pool, the performance of the complexes of the physical culture medical
  • When sedentary work enjoy the working environments of the day of respite for the feet: every hour, get up and walk around, pick up when this between the heel and the socks, this will restore the sluggish circulation of the blood
  • The genetic predisposition to varicose veins use medical compression clothes of bed and take a dose preventive veno tones the medications
  • Plan for your feet contrast of the hot cooking with toning action on the vessels
  • Refrain from hiking in the steam room and sauna – these procedures are considerably extend the walls of the vessels, causing swelling and venous stasis
  • At the first symptoms of the disease contact with a specialist, that the time will prescribe the treatment and stop the development of this dangerous and perverse of the disease of varicose veins.

There are wise nutritional recommendations: not sausages, meats, sausages, preserved foods, spicy, fatty and heavy foods. All of this can be replaced by fruits, vegetables, fresh vegetables, rich in potassium dried fruits, calcium-rich cottage cheese. It is also welcome the appearance in the menu of marine products, the reception of fish oil, the consumption of marine col. To strengthen the walls of the vessels add to your diet juice sour rowan and hawthorn yellow – include the substance of the routine, in order to restore the health of the vessels.

Presented in the article, the recommendation guarantees that enable men to avoid the problems of varicose veins in the legs and keep the activity in the next few years.