A detailed examination of the application of a compression underwear for varicose veins

The compression of the product from the point of special density and different degrees of compression (pressure) are used for the treatment and prevention of varicose veins.

When mounted in its extremity to create an external framework, that:

  • supports the relaxation of the muscles of the leg (here the flow of venous blood has a direct dependency of muscle tone);
  • slightly compresses the walls of the vessels, not giving you stretch;
  • stimulates blood circulation and lymphatic drainage;
  • it avoids the stagnation of liquids.

Produce 6 types of compression:

  1. Tights (covering both extremities of the feet to the hip and ends at the waist).
  2. Stockings (they are designed for the lower limb from the feet up to the hip).
  3. Up to the knee (put on the legs from the feet to the knee).
  4. Leggings (remember the knee without toes and the heel).
  5. Socks (to be put in the base of the foot up to the ankle).
  6. Of the sleeve (on the arm from the wrist to the shoulder).

The products have a certain degree of compression (pressure) in the level of the ankles (from here begins a area complicated return movement of the venous blood), measured in mm hg. tablespoons and are calculated on the basis of the severity of the varicose veins. The degree of compression of the tissue can be preventive (with a low pressure – 1 class) or medicinal (with high pressure – 2, 3, 4 of the class).

You can't say that the stockings best stockings or socks – bed-clothes, and the compression ratio for the treatment and prevention selects the doctor-flebolog or in angiosurgeon, the conclusion was reached on the basis of the clinical history, the results of the survey and of the individual witnesses.

How does the compression garment

Varicose veins first victims in the lower extremities: the blood easily comes from the heart through the arteries down, but upwards, through the veins, it is raised with certain efforts. The return flow of blood is composed of several mechanisms:

  • the contractions of the heart, which "are continuing" the blood, forcing its circulating in the vascular system;
  • the valves of the veins to sweep the blood on the part of the glass, so that it is not moved in the opposite direction;
  • regular contractions of the muscles of the leg and hip (the pump), which form a species compatible with support for cups, squeeze gently and help to push the blood upward, from the pillars to the hips and in the small pelvis. Their weakening is one of the main mechanisms of formation of varicose veins.

Close the knitting is in charge of carrying out the muscular function of the pump and the housing. By squeezing the leg in a certain place (the ankle) is stronger and in others a little weaker (leg, thigh):

  • provides an optimal degree of impact in all the areas in the legs;
  • normalizes the blood flow, helping the blood to circulate from the bottom up;
  • gently squeezing the muscles, increases the vascular tone of the wall, it doesn't give stretch;
  • narrows the lumen of the damaged veins, helping to redistribute part of the blood in the vessels of normal and healthy;
  • normalizes the functioning of the apparatus;
  • stimulates the backflow of lymph, eliminating the swelling and stagnant phenomenon;
  • reduces the load on the sick in vienna.

The normalization of the circulation of the lower extremities, properly selected compression point fulfills several functions:

  1. Improves the metabolism and nutrition of tissues.
  2. Prevents the development of complications (thrombosis, assumed by the mortification of the tissues due to oxygen starvation).
  3. Relieves expressed by symptoms (pain, itching, swelling, after the work day).
  4. It prevents the relapse (re-appear) varicose veins after the operation.
  5. It does not create difficulties for the treatment of the constant (if necessary) – exterior of the tool can be applied on the product.

It is important to choose the clothes according to the recommendations of the doctor-flebologa, it will calculate the time during which it is necessary to take, and prescribe comprehensive treatment (without therapeutic use of knitwear unhelpful).

Types of underwear

Type of knitwear chosen in function of the location of the main manifestations, the product should be of 15 to 20 cm above the border of the extensions:

  • Average used the defeat of both extremities of the leg to the hip and the signs of stagnation in the pelvis (varicose veins, and nodes in the groin, hemorrhoids), are useful for the prevention of varicose veins during pregnancy classes and lifting weights. In pantyhose for pregnant women are available a bandage for the belly, which supports, but not tightened.
  • Compression garment varicose veins in the form of media tend to choose when it comes to recovery after surgery of ablation of veins (from the leg to the hip) in one of its legs, are easier to remove and put (in comparison with the average).
  • Leggings and tights are designed for the prevention and treatment of varicose veins of the pillars, if the nodes and nodules of vienna did not rise up to the knee.
  • Socks used to improve the blood flow in the area of the ankle joint (ankle).
  • Sleeves resolve expressed lymphostasis (the stagnation of lymph, edema) after surgery, trauma, infection, rheumatoid arthritis (inflammation of joints).
Compression underwear for varicose veins1

Contraindications and complications

The compression of the underwear there are no contraindications, it is recommended to use when:

  1. Atherosclerotic changes in the walls of the vessels (education of cholesterol from platelets).
  2. Occlusive disease (inflammation of the inner walls of peripheral vascular of lower extremities).
  3. Thromboangiitis (inflammation of the vascular walls with the formation of a blood clot).

For all diseases are characteristic of a narrowing of the spaces of the blood vessels (cholesterol, platelets or inflammation of the vascular wall), increased pressure in the extremities can aggravate metabolic disorders and the exchange of gases in the tissues and cause assumed by the mortification (necrosis).

Incorrect selection of the degree of compression, the type of knitting and the mode of wear can worsen the condition of the veins and lead to the development of complications (thrombosis, thrombophlebitis, venous ulcers).

How to use correctly the clothes

There are rules that must be met, putting compression point:

  • put on the clothing of bed in the morning, after sleep, not getting out of bed;
  • the legs must be dry.
  • if there is a need to put one point during the day – lie down on your back (no pillow) and lift your legs in the 15-10 minutes, placing it under the feet of the stage (at a 40° angle to the body);
  • the mean, or the golf hands collect in "accordion" to the heel;
  • rest free dot jersey socks are put in the toes of the feet;
  • secure the heel (which is located exactly in the anatomical heel should not slip, "down" to the left or to the right);
  • clothes distributed evenly through the leg, from the ankle to the hip;
  • ensure that it does not overlap, does not form folds;
  • the top of the stockings (from the hip to the waist), put, by lifting the pelvis, not get out of bed.
Compression underwear for varicose veins2

How to take care of point

A good doctor point:

  1. Must be convertible to a mosaic, to ensure a uniform pressure over the surface of the skin.
  2. Must be hypo-allergenic, this allows you to use it, and in the hottest time of the year.
  3. Special woven threads of cotton, lycra and a microfiber cloth in different percentages regulates the exchange of gases and the temperature of the skin, which allows it to "breathe" and not overheat.
  4. The expiration dates of the compressive – 5 to 7 months, the more its use is not recommended, because it loses its properties (it stretches).

How long do they take?

The duration of the period of wearing the compression underwear is defined by individual the indications and recommendations of your doctor:

  • Preventive point recommend having the entire period of gestation (removing the night), in the initial stages of varicose veins to go to work (if it is related to the load on the legs), hiking, flight of the aircraft and in other situations that can lead to the development of varicose veins.
  • The therapy is only for indication and medical prescription. After the interventions operational continuous term, using it may be of 2-3 days to 30. With interruptions – up to 4 months or more.

After a long period of use remove your clothes little by little: first, in the evening, then the time increase, taking breaks of several days, and are removed at all.

Compression garment helps to cure varicose veins only in combination with the medications, otherwise the effect will be temporary and precarious.

To get used to the point of learning how to properly use and care for, in principle, recommended to choose the cheap products.