Foot massage with varicose veins: when they do, the effectiveness, contraindications

In this article you will learn to: evaluate the effectiveness of the massage of varicose veins, if you can cure varicose veins. When we apply the procedure of how it works. Features classic and limfo-drainage massage, contraindications to the application of the procedures.

In varicose veins specific massage technique to help reduce the swelling of the tissues and therefore eliminate physical pressure of the blood vessels. The goal is to maximize the best mechanic of the exposure (petting, easy pressure of the palm of the hand) to increase the reflux of interstitial fluid and lymph (the movement of lymphatic fluid in the blood vessels).

In consequence, the procedure helps to reduce pain, relieve fatigue, inflammation, prevent the onset of spider veins and reticular of the mesh, but not take away already are available, the manifestations of varicose veins. The additional advantage during the massage you can consider the improved blood flow and breathing of the tissues, muscle and skin, which strengthens the recovery and the vascular tone of the wall.

Best practices massage on varicose veins is the classic and medicinal лимфодренажный. The first method is used more often in a preventive way, in the process excludes any mechanical impact in the area of the affected vessels or vascular of the mesh that shows through the skin. The second method is applied for the treatment of the initial stages of varicose veins by the slow pace of the investigation of large accumulations of the lymph nodes and vessels in the body.

Finally cure varicose veins massage impossible. When the primary manifestations of the disease (severity, fatigue, tension, swelling in the legs at the end of the day) any of the methods is effective for the strengthening of the vascular walls and help to suspend the development of the pathology. After the appearance of the visible deformed mesh of veins and nodes of the disease can be a possible margin of a blood clot, and this is a contraindication to any type of mechanical impact on the vessel.

Quality against варикоз the massage, you can ask any doctor, he finishes the corresponding course. However, due to the peculiarity of the disease is better to go to a physical therapist and only after consultation with medicus-flebolog.

When applied to massage when varicose disease

Varicose veins do not only suffer from the lower extremities, although it is more common that a variant of the disease. May be surprised the veins of the pelvis, genitals, uterus, rectum (hemorrhoids), stomach and the esophagus.

The disease of the internal organs generally diagnosed by chance, when the deformation of the veins is well expressed. In virtue of their anatomical location and subsequent diagnosis, massage of impact of varicose veins of the internal organs does not apply, because it is inefficient and can be more damage than to improve the state of the patient.

The procedure is generally prescribed for varicose veins of the veins of the lower extremities, for the prevention and the treatment of the first manifestations of the disease. Apply two kinds of massages: classic and medicinal лимфодренажный, both types differ in the complex of the movements, but for all varieties of varicose veins therapist uses the same techniques.

All types of varicose veins are just as dangerous complications in the form of thrombophlebitis (formation of a blood clot in the vessels), thrombosis (vessel occlusion of a blood clot), and venous thromboembolism (deaths as a result of the detachment of a blood clot), therefore, the distortions of the veins of any massage service impact specifically contraindicated.

The course shall be agreed with the attending physician and provided you observe the manifestations of varicose veins: if the number of spider veins does not increase, does not appear hematomas (bruising), and the patient feels relief, as well, the process is going in the right direction.

How does the massage

The main task of a massage therapist – to work the surface of the limb is smooth, the maximum that respect the movements, ranging from the hip to diabetic foot. The varicose veins massage in no event should be intense, deformation, рубящим or acute, as well as the increase of the fragility of vascular wall will lead to the occurrence of bleeding and bruising.

As a result of the process:

  1. Improves lymphatic and blood, the more liquid assets that circulate through the vessels.
  2. Thanks to the improvement of the circulation of the blood intensifies the flow of oxygen to the tissues, enhances regeneration and the tone of the vessels.
  3. Through the improvement of the circulation of the lymph, actively, it is cleared and appears between the cells of fluid.
  4. Decreases inflammation of the tissues around the vessels.
  5. The pressure in the vessels and internal valves is reduced, the normalization of the blood circulation.

Massage removes all fenmenos stuck in the tissues of the lower extremities, its action is similar to the physical activity, but it is more soft and relaxing atmosphere of the action.

Massage with varicose veins1

Characteristics of traditional massage

The classic massage of the lower extremities:

  • the procedure, produce, having taken a patient on a flat surface;
  • in the supine position" for the effectiveness of the relaxation of the muscles below the knees and the heels put the roller, lifting your legs at a 45-degree angle;
  • in the position of "being in the belly" feet raising in the area of the feet;
  • movements make whipped cream or oil to reduce friction, the palms of the hands on the skin of the patient;
  • the classic massage of legs with varicose veins begin to caress the thighs and the gluteal region, still ankles in both directions; and that end of the diabetic foot. Is it possible to return to work in the opposite direction;
  • the movement of massage purpose from top to bottom (from knee to thigh, foot to the knee);
  • the group of movements includes a land area (la palma) covering the continuous rubbing (with both hands), easy Swedish surface of the leg, without affecting the deep veins. Sometimes connect the lungs to press the motion;
  • it excludes any mechanical impact, even the more easy, with evident manifestations of varicose veins: the mesh or spider veins.

The massage therapy will produce the courses of 10 to 12 procedures, every day or every other day, preferred time – at the end of the day, when the tiredness, the swelling, tension of limbs more prominent, and the effect of the procedure will be the maximum.

In the process of performing the procedure, the patient should not feel any pain or unpleasant sensations, in this case the procedure is better to cancel.

Features limfo-drainage massage

Limfo-drainage massage of the lower extremities is very slow movements, as well as the speed of лимф reflux, is considerably reduced in comparison with a flow of blood:

Massage with varicose veins2
  1. The procedure, produce, having taken a patient on a flat surface.
  2. In the supine position" below the knees and the heels put on a small roller to lift the legs slightly.
  3. In the position of "being in the" belly " legs slightly raised in the area of the feet.
  4. For limfo-drainage massage it is not necessary to use oil or cream, as the friction of the palms of the hands on the skin of the patient is reduced to a minimum.
  5. Begin with the maturity of the accumulations of the lymph nodes in the gluteus medius and thigh subject, continue the study of the mechanics in the ankle and end feet.
  6. The group of movements includes the lungs at the same time the surface of the palms of the hands in the area of the accumulation of the lymph nodes and slow clung to caress the surface of the feet.
  7. The movement of a massage therapist-directed top-down (from the hip to the knee, from the knee to the foot).
  8. It excludes from the application of any movement in the scope of the express manifestation of varicose veins.

Лимф drainage massage produce change, from 15 to 18 of procedures that start with once a week, increasing the amount of 3, according to the well-being of the patient. Unpleasant or pain – contraindication to perform lymphatic drainage.

Contraindications for massage

Massage in varicose veins of the lower limbs absolutely contraindicated in case of:

  • all stages of varicose veins, in addition to the primary;
  • thrombophlebitis, thrombosis;
  • the skin visipaniyah, dermatitis;
  • lymphadenitis (inflammation of lymph nodes);
  • in the case of infectious diseases;
  • cancer;
  • the increase of the temperatures.

Is contraindicated the use of creams and oils with substances that increase the local temperature, for example, with extracts of ginger or pepper.