Varicose veins in the feet

There are several most common causes that lead to varicose veins in the feet:

  1. Enlargement and the duration of the load in the lower part of the body. In particular, this refers to the regulated professions,
  2. Pregnancy. When the woman is in a position of the load on the foot increases. The result of the pressure, even on the feet, the blood volume increases. This leads to pain in the legs and causes varicose veins. But in the case of pregnancy, the symptoms may go through a year after the appearance of the baby.
  3. The excess of weight. When you have the load on the foot increases, which leads to this disease. This is one of the most common causes of the appearance of varicose veins in the legs.
  4. The advanced age. With time, the walls of the veins wear out, become weaker, and lost elasticity of the above. Because of this occurs the stretch and appears varicose veins.
  5. The inheritance. If in your family anyone family suffered from this disease, it is also found in the area of risk.
  6. Changes in the hormonal balance. The pregnancy was already pointed out as one of the causes. Varicose veins can cause puberty, menopause, menstruation. All of this leads to disturbances in hormonal background of women.
  7. The sedentary lifestyle. When the duty of staying in the sitting position occurs of clamps of the veins, and, in consequence, observed violations in the circulation of the blood. The muscles of the calves and feet, such as pumps, swing of the blood upward. But if you continue, the tone of the vessels begins to weaken, which causes the appearance of varicose veins.
  8. Incorrect footwear and clothing. Cause varicose veins can wearing too tight pants and jeans, take out the feet. Too narrow and high-heeled shoes lead to the appearance of varicose veins surgery on the foot.

These are the main causes of the onset of the disease, there are also the proliferation of the phenomena, which sometimes cause the development of the disease.

In addition to the reasons also there are symptoms that help to recognize the extension of the veins. There is to pay attention to these signs:

  1. Veins of the legs changed color. The change of color of the veins is one of the main features of the onset of the disease.
  2. Vienna is lost, when you put your feet in a horizontal position, or simply lies.
  3. In the area of the feet and the joints, in the soles of the feet appeared ulcerative defects. They are the evidence that the nutrition of the epidermis of the lower extremities has been infringed.
  4. It produces a thickening of the veins.
  5. Cramps can appear in the muscles of the legs.
  6. Receives a strong dull pain in the lower part of the body.
  7. Sometimes we observe the appearance of the pigmentation.

If we find any symptom or all of them together, it is recommended to visit a doctor immediately for diagnosis and start the treatment of varicose veins.

Varicose veins of the foot1

Diagnosis and treatment of the

Varicose veins of the legs and feet is not only a cosmetic defect. This disease, the treatment must be seriously and thoroughly. If symptoms are detected, a doctor should be consulted. He designates the step of ultrasonic doppler. It will show the quality of the circulation of the blood and detects the presence of obstacles, if any.

In the initial stages of curing varicose veins recommended the assistance of the ointments and gels. They contribute to the elimination of edema, manage the pain and fatigue. Of course, the effect of useful substances to a minimum, but for the primary stage, this is more than enough.

There are venotonic that is pointing to the doctor. They also relieve inflammation, reduce pain and compress the walls of the vessels. Can be used in combination with ointments.

Varicose veins treated with endovenous laser coagulation. Is the procedure the laser effects on the sick person a glass. Is performed under local anesthesia. After the procedure asterisk pass.

Now there is a new method of treatment of the disease. Is ozone therapy, which consists in the introduction of ozone into the clear of the vessels with the help of microneedle. As a result of clear pasted. Several of these procedures allow you to enjoy results quickly visible.

Some resort to the radical process is the removal of the vein through a surgical intervention. To do this do it in the leg of a small incision. After a while it becomes unnoticeable. The next day after the surgery, the patient sent home. But within a month, you should wear special stockings or gather the leg.

Varicose veins of the foot2

The sport at the varicose veins

There are specially designed complexes of exercises of fight against the varicose veins.

Improve the circulation of the blood, which stops the further development of the disease. Before starting exercise you should consult your doctor. The best thing to do the morning exercises as a load.

It allows you to practice some sports with the condition that the load of the feet will be small. This can be swimming, fitness, water aerobics. These genres contribute to the improvement of the circulation of the blood and reduce the risk of developing the disease.

Squats, running, and classes in the simulator are allowed only in the initial phase of the disease.

Other methods of treatment

Cure varicose veins there are other ways, among which are widely used:

Varicose veins of the foot3
  1. The massage. It is allowed only in the early stages of the disease. To do it yourself. To do this you will only need a special massager for feet. Helps to improve the blood flow in the vessels and prevents the formation of clots in the vessels. Helps to reduce the pain. But if you already have open sores, massage is contraindicated.
  2. The treatment with leeches. It is a modern and popular method of treatment of this disease. To the place where it appeared the node, consolidate, several of the leeches and the other 3 units have the entire length of the vein. Obtains the effect of the indentation. Although not all physicians are convinced of the effectiveness of this method.
  3. Stockings for the legs. This is a special stockings, which help relieve the state of the sick of the foot. To replace, you can collect the feet. This will not be less effective.
  4. The orthopedic pillow for the feet. Helps to relieve the painful condition. It is recommended to use it as often as possible. Pillows there are different models.

The prevention of the

To facilitate the state, to prevent the development of varicose veins and prevent its occurrence, it is necessary to:

  • not be a lot of time in the same position;
  • get rid of the uncomfortable shoes, and adjustments to pressure of the things;
  • drink per day at least 2 liters of water and leave the bad habits;
  • monitor your weight and exercise regularly;
  • every morning, take contrast showers.

Cure the disease, it is recommended that in the initial stage. When you detect the first symptoms should consult immediately the physician, then you manage to cope with the illness more quickly and efficiently. It is recommended to perform preventive procedure for the suspension of the development of the disease or prevent its occurrence.