Varicose veins of the labia sex: causes, symptoms and treatment features

Varicose veins disease of the lips of the woman meets with sufficient frequency. Approximately 30% of the representatives of the beautiful sex pathology is manifested during pregnancy. Every time you return to the conception increases the likelihood of their development, and 10% of the symptoms of the disease are saved after delivery. With the that is related to the development of this disease?

The woman in the position of the appearance of varicose veins because of an increased load on the body. The growing every day, the body weight, the hormonal change — these factors contribute to slow down the reflux of the blood.

The doctors also provide other causes of the onset of the disease. Among them we can mention the following:

Varicose veins1
  • sedentary life style;
  • sedentary work;
  • the excess of weight;
  • lowered the tone of the veins.

A special role in this matter is relegated to a hereditary predisposition.

The first signs of the pathology

Varicose veins of his lips accompanied by the low expansion of the veins in the skin. The constant feeling of discomfort and burning a negative effect on the psychological condition of the woman, making her irritable. Of vienna and the vaginal lips increase gradually in size, and the skin changes tone and becomes dry. Every act of sexual intercourse is also accompanied by a feeling of discomfort and tolerance to pain syndrome.

The methods of diagnosis

Taking into account the symptoms described above, the woman can determine varicose veins of his lips. However, to know the diagnosis and the treatment you need the assistance of a medical doctor with experience.

The first phase of the survey — consultation with the gynecologist. At the time of the initial evaluation, the doctor will perform a physical examination, which calls attention to the presence of varicose nodes, congestion. As a general rule, when bimanual vaginalis study detected blue in the vaginal mucosa, swelling, pain, and advanced clots of blood in the vessels. Do not rule out the increase in the volume of aqueous beloeil.

To confirm the diagnosis of varicose veins of the lips and to determine the stage of the pathology, it is necessary doobsledovanie. It is assumed for the delivery of a blood test, pelvic ultrasound. After obtaining the results, it is prescribed as a treatment. To ignore it is not worth, since the lack of timely therapy danger of developing complications. Among them the most common is in telae venarum thrombosis — inflammation of the vascular wall with subsequent formation of blood clots.

Varicose veins2

The principles of treatment

The diagnosis of "varicose veins sexual lips" the treatment is different conservative nature. In the first place, it is necessary to change the power and style of life. Patients, doctors recommend move more, because the reflux of the blood improvement is in the process of walking. You can access the swimming pool several times a week. You must also change the flavor of the addictions: exclude fried and fat, meats, and overly salty. It is very important to control body weight. If in a week the increase is more than 300 g, it is useful to make a download of a day in the apples or the requesn.

To combat the symptoms of the disease, doctors prescribe the venotonic drugs . Are available in the form of gels and ointments, so that they act directly in the affected area. Medicines ways to get rid of dilated veins, and sclerotherapy. During this procedure, it is injected into a vein of the drug, which is the "sealing" of the affected area. The injections are performed on an outpatient basis, and their number depends on the degree of the condition.

How to relieve the disease?

To relieve the symptoms of the disease, doctors recommend to give up the high heels and not lift weights. As previously mentioned, varicose veins of the labia sex more often develops in the stagnation of the blood. Therefore, it is useful to any physical load, not worsen during the disease. This can be swimming in the pool or yoga classes.

In addition, you must take care of the intimate hygiene of the, for the washing not to use soaps and special gels. Hygiene procedure should be performed in the morning and at night, regular change of underwear. In terms of diet, better for a time stop foods rich in vitamin C. reduces the permeability of vessels, the creation of the swelling.

Compression garment is one of the most common forms, that allows you to drive a swollen vein in the standard. As a general rule, are based on the averages. Squeezing the limbs, the fabric makes the muscles to remain in constant toes.

Characteristics of the disease during pregnancy

Varicose veins sexual on the lip during pregnancy is very common, and has an explanation. The fetus inside the womb is growing day-to-day, so that the venous system receives huge load. The greater the weight of the baby, the greater the risk of developing the disease and the occurrence of bleeding during childbirth.

Varicose veins3

Women with a higher propensity to varicose veins it is recommended that the prevention of the disease prior to conception. The anticoagulant ointments and venotonic can be used for therapeutic purposes only until the third quarter. Pregnant women with the same diagnosis, you must follow the recommendations of the gynecologist, as well as control the parameters of the coagulation of the blood. Women with this pathology in the hospital, usually at around week 38. Many of the representatives of the beautiful sex in the situation is not different complicated the varicose veins of his lips. The birth and the pregnancy itself, pass without pathologies. In the case of extensive lesions of the skin resort to the help of a c-section. This approach lies in the necessity of eliminating the risk of bleeding due to the rupture of the veins during childbirth.

Prevention measures

Varicose veins of his lips, the causes of which are included in the above, it is considered unpleasant disease. How can it be prevented? In the first place, specialists recommend to continue an active lifestyle, to spend more time in the exercise. When sedentary work regularly, you must make a pause to the light, the gym, at lunch you can stroll around the street.

It is better to renounce to high heels, replacing your comfortable shoes. In case of an evident predisposition to the disease, you must use the compression of the clothes, regular visits to a doctor-flebologa. Varicose veins is not a fatal disease, but, and neglect of prevention are not worth the trouble. Greetings!