Varicose veins is a part of the disease of the lower extremities, due to the violation of the bleeding and the bankruptcy of the work of the main veins of the valves. You encounter the same problems, mainly due to thinning of the venous walls and the education, the stagnation of the red blood cells in the blood.

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This disease can have very serious consequences. Therefore, it is very important to recognize its symptoms on time. It is important to understand that varicose veins, the symptoms that have been identified in the early stages of its development, it is very difficult for conservatives, the methods of the therapy. Initial external manifestations of the disease:

  • through the skin clear to shine through the web of the vessels;
  • occur spider veins;
  • there are speakers in vienna, or small labels.

It is not necessary to perceive the first symptoms of varicose veins, as a simply unpleasant cosmetic flaws, best not to throw with the visit to the phlebologist.


So, what are the main signs of the person, that it would be time to make an appointment with a specialist – phlebologist?

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  • The first symptom of varicose veins is the night of heaviness in the legs. Many totally unfair, they don't lead to a problem similar attention. But, if the severity and fatigue of the lower limbs becomes a regular event, in the period of one or two months, it is worth to observe the state of your body.
  • The swelling of the lower extremities also is not normal that a manifestation. Of course, the swelling, as such, can not be attributed to the indisputable symptoms of varicose veins, but the occurrence of this problem gives rise to the conversion of the above-mentioned specialist.
  • The most obvious of reasons, the development of the varicose disease of the legs can be attributed to regulate the sensations of pain. The nature of the pains of this disease is very diverse, so it is very difficult to give a feature of this manifestation of the disease. However, it is worth noting that the constant feeling of pain in the lower extremities, along with one of the aforementioned signs very often show the development of the disease in question.
  • When more started stage of the venous disease figure begins clearly to act and to become ever more visible. May start to appear bruising and swelling in most affected by the terrain, and here already can not do without a serious treatment.