The prevention of varicose veins

Varicose veins are found in 60% of the weaker sex. The risk is invisible, the process of the disease. The initial phase can last for years and the girls are not immediately discovered in the feet, and when you see the veins extended without greater measures for their elimination does not happen.

Prevention of varicose veins will help to avoid complications, as well as slow down the progression of the disease and the lesion of the vessels healthy. It is based on a comprehensive approach, must be sent of all parties, not to the varicose veins to ruin a beautiful view of the legs.

Among the factors that contribute to the recovery of varicose veins are distinguished:

  • The selection of the best modes of day, this applies to daily compliance of sleep and rest, while the leg is going to rest. In the case of sitting at the table working you should take breaks for walking and to often change the sitting position.
  • Excluding the seat of the stance "foot for foot".
  • During the day you should change the height of the sole of the shoes, not only asparagus to damage the varicose veins, but and the plane of the sole.Do not wear tight fitting clothing, since they reduce the movement of blood in the groin area.
  • During the holidays in the sea, we must not only to swim, but and if the pebble beach of walking. For the rest of select a climate zone.
  • To prevent constipation, since they are the reason of increase of the pressure in the blood vessels of the pelvis.
Prevention of varicose veins1

These recommendations will help to curb a rupture of varicose veins and their prevention consists of nutrition to optimal physical effort, and gymnastics, the application of drugs and remedies to relieve the symptoms and improve the condition of the veins.

The power

It depends on the general state of the human body. You must first eliminate or at least significantly reduce the consumption of:

  1. Bakery products, sweets, and fatty foods. They gain weight, and this gives it a significant burden on the feet.
  2. Marinades and succulent dishes cause the extension of the walls of the vessels.
  3. Alcohol and coffee take the water out of the cells, which affects the whole body.

For the prevention of varicose veins in the legs must to include in your consumption of foods rich in fiber, vitamins and microelements that are beneficial:

Prevention of varicose veins2
  1. A large amount of fiber contained in the slurry, and the skins of berries, fruits, and vegetables. It is important for the whole body, as it absorbs excess of the substance, and even radionuclides, fulfilling the function of intestinal cleanser.
  2. The copper can be obtained from the kidneys of goat, seafood, and beef liver.
  3. Vitamin E is found in egg yolk, oil, pulses, wheat, liver and the green of luque.
  4. Vitamin c and R are available in shrimp, cabbage, tomatoes, sea buckthorn, walnuts.

and these elements contribute to the formulation of elastin, which improves the elasticity of the venous walls. The animals of the oil when the disease it is best to replace plants, these latter would have a beneficial effect on varicose veins.

Physical education

Not everyone can boast a title of master of sports, but to warn the occurrence of varicose veins or ease the life with him is enough to constantly allocate a while in the hiking, running, riding a bike, hiking in the pool, as well as making the home a simple gymnastics.

Only the physical effort that is necessary to give the body every day, to take as a rule move more, unless you stand up and sit down.

Some gym exercises you can easily perform at home.

Exercise lying

In prone position, you can use the following exercises:

  • Rest the forehead on the floor, and hands placed along the body, and after that, you have to alternately lifted each leg and how much there is strength to maintain your weight.
  • Feet to bend their knees, and with the effort of pushing the heel towards the buttocks.

Lying down on your back, you must perform these movements:

  • Alternately turn your feet, as if he was eating a bicycle, is an exercise called "bicycle".
  • The position of the back, the legs a little to raise and start to cross. This exercise bears the name of "scissors".

The side position. You should start with the right, raising the left leg at first direct, and then bent at the knee. Also to do with the right foot, lying not the left lateral position.

If you select other exercises in the position of "lying" and "standing" must take into account that the static electricity and the legs excluded.

Exercises sitting

These exercises are useful for those all day at work is sitting at the table, for its execution, shall be sufficient with two times a day to assign in 20 minutes.

The most effective for the prevention of varicose veins in the legs are:

  • To raise and lower the foot toe;
  • Put the leg socks, just the one to the other, and then raising socks and connect to the heel;
  • Move alternatively one foot with the heel-to-toe;
  • Raise your legs, bent at the knees, and balance to one side or the other;
  • Support the feet with the heels on the ground and compress them.

All the physical lesson will help you to deal with what is expressed by the varices alert with their appearance when they appeared to him premises.


Medications are assigned a doctor to each one individually, based on the clinical picture of disease incidence. Your action should be directed to the following points:

  • Efficient removal of the symptoms of varicose veins by the liquefaction of the blood, decreasing swelling of the legs and their severity;
  • The increase of the venous tone of the walls;
  • To reduce the possible complications of the disease.

Along with the medications can be applied outside of the tool, to strengthen their action, and faster to deal with the disease.

Compression garment

In the initial stage of development of varicose veins for prevention doctors recommend to wear special stockings or socks. Its use does not cure the disease, but it will prevent the swelling of the veins, and the already active, will be more flexible and over time will decrease. It is, in particular, of the fiber and improve the income of blood to the heart.

This compression therapy point can be purchased in the pharmacies of the internet or in the classroom. They are formed, according to the size, to do this, it is necessary to make several sizes listed on the packaging . The product is very well seated in the legs, but do not prevent the reflux of the blood, and on the contrary, improve their thanks to the distribution of compression: in the groin, in a 20%, at the ankles – 100%, in the knees – 75%, in the hips – 50%.

By their appearance, experience is not worth, that are reminiscent outwardly to thick socks, are the black and the beige. That may well be used in place of the usual average.

Put the compression garment lying, at first gently take your tip to the heel, so as not to damage the thread woven into the product in the area of the bone.

Stockings and socks have three classes of compression. The first class will be recommended for the prevention, while the second and the third are necessary during the treatment of the disease.

This point you can replace the elastic bandage, before use, you will have to lie down with the legs during a quarter of an hour.

Lift your legs at a right angle necessary for the prevention of varicose veins every day, doing the exercise twice a day for six minutes.

Earlier in the methodology speak to us of how to prevent varicose veins in the legs to time serving the prevention of the disease. The existence of the disease it is necessary to choose the same experienced flebologa, who surveyed the state of the veins, and the progress of the disease.