Варикоз pregnant

One of the favourable factors for the occurrence of such changes is pregnancy.

The causes of the appearance of varicose veins during pregnancy

varicose veins during pregnancy develops due to changes in the organism of future mothers, the structure of your body and the change of lifestyle of the woman. There are some specific factors that can trigger the onset of this disease:

Prevention of varicose veins in pregnancy1
  1. The hormonal change. During pregnancy increases the level of progesterone, relaxing the musculature of the uterus, but it also has a "side effect": the relaxation of the walls of the blood vessels. As a result of the rising of vienna may not work for the pumping of the blood, it begins to stagnation, which further contributes to the dilation of blood vessels is a vicious circle!
  2. The increase of the other venous blood pressure in pregnant patients becomes more fluid. This is necessary to improve the blood flow to the fetus. But the veins is not so good: it produces its large extension.
  3. The strengthening of blood clots – so that the body is preparing for childbirth, for the woman has not lost a lot of blood after the placenta detaches. But, if the varicose disease has already begun, the propensity to thrombosis тольуко only make the situation worse.
  4. The reduction of the levels of physical activity – pregnant women often prefer to lie down to do some kind of gymnastics. However, if there are no contraindications, the gym should do is mandatory. Or do long walks on foot. All of this improves the circulation of the blood, and serves for the prevention of varicose veins. More information about gymnastics for moms-to-be

Types of varicose veins during pregnancy

By the way, varicose veins is of multiple types. Consider those who during the pregnancy are most frequently found:

  • varicose veins during pregnancy in groin area – the appearance in the groin надутых of the veins, the woman feels "races пирание" in this field;
  • varicose veins of the uterus during the pregnancy is the result of hereditary predisposition and enhanced work iliac veins. It can also occur as a consequence of long inflammatory processes, the abortion, the blockade of the menstrual cycle, etc;
  • varicose veins of the vagina during pregnancy is fairly common form of the disease, which especially often suffer the women, whose mothers and grandmothers suffer from varicose veins in the legs;
  • and, finally, the varicose veins in the legs – the most common form of this disease.

The treatment of varicose veins

Not all of the methods for the treatment of varicose veins can be applied to women in "interesting situation". For example, sclerotherapy (injection of special drugs) and surgery radical, but more effective ways, pregnant women are expressly contraindicated. It is not worth to apply in the event that the woman has planned in the next two years to be a mom, because then the recurrence of the disease almost no one can avoid.

Prevention of varicose veins in pregnancy2

Therefore, the only tools of the varicose veins during the pregnancy, that will surely not harm the future mother or the baby – the use of the underwear of special compression stockings and socks) and a variety of tools for topical application (creams, ointments). If you talk about these last few, well established tools based on heparin, and the extract of horse chestnut . If the doctor recommended the use of compressive stockings , be prepared for the fact that the wear has to be in the period of childbirth – at this point substantially increases the risk of thrombosis.

As of delivery, when the varicose veins?

Varicose veins is not a contraindication to the appearance of the light of your baby. You only need more than to pay close attention to your health. The doctor will prevention of thrombosis and inflammation of veins. Also raise the issue through a natural birth or an emergency caesarean section. Resolve this goes along with the gynecologist and phlebologist. If possible, the preference is always given to natural motherhood. But before you give birth will put you compression stockings .

Happens if varicose veins after delivery?

By the way, many are wondering: if, during the pregnancy, the doctor diagnosed "varicose veins", then, what to expect after childbirth, recovery, or, on the contrary, the worsening of the situation? Answer to this question will not give to anyone, not even primary care physician. It all depends on the features of your body. Some women after childbirth, they forget that such varices (at least for a time), while others are distressed and seek the way to solve this problem. So, how to cure varicose veins after delivery?

Today, medicine can offer 2 ways for the treatment of varicose veins: conservative – with the use of medicines and online – through a surgical intervention.

After childbirth, women often develops, in addition to varicose veins, and vein thrombophlebitis, the inflammation of the walls of the veins, venous thrombosis. The symptoms usually alone: the voltage of the veins, the pain sensation, redness of the skin in the affected part of the body, until the increase of the temperature. If you observe all these unpleasant phenomena, with urgency, please consult your doctor and be prepared for the fact that you will be assigned to the hospital.

Now it is necessary to rest in bed, and most of the time, the feet should be in the high position. If to speak about the medication, in this period, in these cases, it is generally prescribed sulfa drugs, antibiotics, anti-inflammatory and, if necessary, pain medications. Doctors sometimes struggle with the problem with the help of coagulating agents – drugs that prevent the clotting of the blood. There is one peculiarity: you can take not before 3 days after delivery, to avoid the jelly of the bleeding.

The prevention of varicose veins during pregnancy

As usual, to prevent the disease is much easier than cure. Therefore, every woman should know about the measures of prevention of varicose veins during pregnancy, regardless of whether you have a predisposition to this disease.

If you or your family with that problem he has never seen, do not spend all day in the legs and does not have excess weight – the prevention of varicose veins will not be difficult. If all these "aggravating circumstances" factors of the province, the preventive measures, it is necessary to use double diligence: it really gives very good results.

By the way, remember that each pregnancy increases the risk of appearance and development of varicose veins.

If you have noticed that in the foot appeared swollen and "knots" (although they are very small), go to a surgeon: the doctor can observe that throughout the period of pregnancy and for some time after birth.

How to avoid varicose veins during pregnancy

Many (not less than 2 hours) trekking through the city will become in your a daily habit. It is a good workout for the muscles of the calf, and the circulation of the blood to walk is much greater. That is only in a strong heat that it's better to stay at home.

Another excellent option is the swim: it is the physical exertion, and a kind of water massage. It is also useful to the fact that the beneficial effect of the spinal column, that as the growth of your belly facing the large loads of work.

It will also be helpful for showers, only the temperature difference should not be too large, otherwise it may become bad (not varicose veins, but simply by "interesting arrangements"). To be diverted by the sensations.

Pay attention to the choice of footwear. No high heels! If and the heel, a (not more than 3-5 cm) and constant. It should not be elastics, cords and laces, compressed and belts of foot – this violates the circulation of the blood. The same applies to the narrow tires mean.

During the day, try periodically for 15 or 20 minutes with your legs up. I've seen it in movies, while the americans feel cast the feet on the table? We believe that this is unacceptable, but that a good prevention of varicose veins! In the table of the leg, of course, throw not necessarily, and here in the soft pillow – the same.

When you learn to sleep only on the left side: this makes the pressure of the uterus on the vein that is located to the right, and another venous it reduces pressure on the legs. Try to put under the belly of a small cushion, it is very convenient.

For the prevention of varicose veins during pregnancy, yes, and only for your well being, try to distribute during the day the time that you spend in positions "standing-sitting-lying down". Either extreme, unacceptable: not even worth walking to the point of exhaustion, or be on the couch for 10 hours straight.

Is not sitting, cast foot for foot, lower the seat.

Adjusting your diet. In the first place, it is important to normalize the functioning of the intestine, and in the second place, a beneficial effect on the state of the veins has a special regime of power, of which we will explain below.

The diet when the varicose veins

Keep in mind liquid: should not be far. This and the water, and the juices, and soups, yes, and vegetables contain a lot of water (cucumbers, for example, are the same in the 97%). Very good is a red grape juice: half a cup a day reduce the activity of platelets in 75%.

The coagulation of the blood, reduce the cranberry, celery, onion, garlic, kiwi, cherries, tomatoes.

And another thing is to reduce the viscosity of the blood and improve the elasticity of the vessel walls needs iodine. It contains fish and shellfish (in particular, cabbage marina) and iodized salt.

varicose veins during pregnancy is not so terrible, if you know what to do and not to worry, once more on the matter. Follow these recommendations and do not encourage!

Start the development mechanism of the disease is considered to be the pregnancy, namely, seen in this period, hormonal changes and the increased pressure of the uterus on the vessels of the pelvis.