Gymnastics of varicose veins of the lower extremities — such as improving the state of the veins, doing simple exercises

Varicose veins called sustainable enlargement and extension of the veins, with the consequent thinning of its walls and the formation of so-called nodes. The cause of this phenomenon lies in a serious condition of the walls of the veins and of the insufficiency of its valves.

A disease is fairly widespread, and much more often affects women. Often, varicose veins, starts of working age – about thirty or forty years.

The main risk factor for the development of this disease is a sedentary life style.

The medicinal use of the gym

Favor of therapies and exercises of the varicose veins is difficult to overestimate. Special gym allows you to:

  • improve venous and lymphatic outflow;
  • increase physical endurance;
  • driving in the standard blood flow;
  • increase the tone of veins;
  • improve peripheral blood circulation.

If you neglect the curative treatment of the gymnastics varicose veins of the legs, this becomes the cause of the stagnation of the blood in the veins, in addition, increase the pressure.

This, in turn, will lead to the accumulation of water in the area of the ankles, feet and at the bottom of the pillars, which often aggravates the sensation of pain.

Physical characteristics

Especially the exercises for varicose veins of the legs useful for people who little move in everyday life.

The simplest exercise is walking.

People who suffer from this condition, you must all the days walk. In addition, it is possible to ride a bike. Also useful for practicing swimming.

Not everyone knows that not all the physics of the payload of the varicose veins. What the sport of varicose veins is useful and what is bad?

The operation of removal of varicose veins is often the only solution. We show which type of surgical intervention to select in a given case.

There is and special gymnastics of varicose veins of the legs. For the execution of this exercise is as effective as possible, it is necessary to observe the following rules:

  • people who have seat work, as a minimum, once every hour you must do five minutes of heating;
  • it is important to continue to posture, it is not recommended to put the leg;
  • the load must be given 15-30 minutes per day;
  • during the day it is necessary to do several repetitions.

The complex of exercises

Specialists in phlebologist is recommended to perform special exercises against varicose veins in the morning and at night, making them approximately 15-30 minutes.

To the east up to the exhaustion of making yourself you can not, because each person has their own limit of their physical capabilities.
Gymnastics with varicose veins1

It is enough continuous exercises of five minutes, but it is always recommended to do breaks. If you are tired, it is better to postpone the session.

The main complex of exercises for all types of the disease

These exercises are ideal for varicose veins of the upper and lower limbs, varicose veins of the pelvis and of other forms of the disease:

  1. Lie on your back, flex your foot, pulling it toward your chest. After this, straighten up, hold it for a few seconds and lower. The same exercise to do and for the second foot.
  2. Bend over, bend your legs and lift upward. Straightened out, have in less than a second, he returned to bend and return to the starting position.
  3. Bend, lift the legs upward and stop rotation movements, to do this it is necessary to outward and inward. Below, you can bend and stretch the fingers and toes.
  4. Sit in a chair, with the heels lying on the floor. The move of the socks in different directions. Do between 15 and 20 times.
  5. Lie on the belly, with the hands to the hips. Tail of lifting each leg as high as possible. In the climax of a few seconds to stop and then re-post it. Do 8-10 repetitions.
  6. The exercise of "the swallow". Stand up straight, hand-in-hand down along the body. Breath, lifting the hand facing upward, after rising on tiptoe. As you exhale take the pose of the swallows. Exercise between 15 and 20 times.
  7. Rolled up with the heel-to-toe, taking upon him the weight of his body. Do 15-20 repetitions.
  8. In the period of 15 minutes to perform the action of walking on the heels, the socks, with the highest elevation of the hip.

Exercises for the legs

Gymnastics when варикозном varicose veins of the lower extremities include exercises:

  1. Download veins of the legs. It is necessary to lie down, close your eyes and relax as much as possible and, in addition, must be deeply and evenly to breathe. Under your feet you should put several pillows – this can raise up to 15-20 degrees.
  2. Bending over, bend the legs, from the feet to place on the floor. Hand-in-hand to put you in the hip. Slowly breathe, raise your head and the body. Hands must slide to the knees. By slow exhalation, return to the starting position.
  3. Lie down, hand placed along the body, the legs raise up to 15-20 degrees and hold between them a small pillow. Inhale slowly, bend in the lower back and buttocks it is necessary to isolate it from the floor. Slowly having expired, return to the starting position.
  4. Bedtime, by the hand of place along the trunk. Bend your legs and, slowly exhaling, dragging the belly. In the inhalation to inflate the abdomen.
  5. Put the feet together, the hands placed along the body. Take a deep breath, slow climb in socks, breathe, and return to the starting position.
Regular the special version of gymnastics to the lower limbs will help reduce the manifestations of venous insufficiency, to stop the progression of the disease and reduce the risk of development of dangerous complications.

Set of exercises for the upper extremities

To reduce the manifestation of varicose veins of the upper extremities, you must perform simple exercises:

  1. Lie on the back, below the neck put a pillow. Raise the hands and feet perpendicular with respect to the body, the foot of throw himself. Breathe gently and in depth. After vibrating with the hands and feet for 3 minutes.
  2. Of the hand cross at the nape of the neck. Slowly rotate the casing on both sides. Do 20 repetitions.
  3. Of the hand throwing it forward, tighten the cuffs. Drop the palm of the hand, broadly breeding to the east of the fingers. Do 20 repetitions.
  4. Compress the wrist of the left hand, the palm of the right hand. Raise left arm as high as possible, with the necessary exercise resistance. Repeat 20 times. After lifting the arms up, lock them in that position for 20 seconds. Repeat the exercise for the second hand.
  5. Raise the arms above the head, compress and decompress fists. Do 80 repetitions. Dropped his hands and do the same.

Set of exercises for the lower pelvis

If varicose veins touched the organs of the pelvis, it is recommended to perform the following exercises:

  1. The exercise of the "bike". You must lie on your back and feet to mimic riding a bicycle. When you do this, the back and the loin should be glued to the floor.
  2. The exercise of the "scissors". Lie on your back, the hand pulling along a trunk. Do oblique of vertical and horizontal movement.
  3. The exercise "berezka". Lie on your back, to lean on the shoulder, lift the legs up and keep up the feeling of tiredness. If you want, you can complicate a little this exercise: to do this you can add the flexion and extension of knees.
  4. Floor in a squatting position. Stand up straight, put your feet to the width of 30-40 cm Slowly sit down, can not fall below the level of the knees. Literally, in the second, you must remain in this position, after which slowly back again. Do 10-15 repetitions.
  5. Sit on the floor, place the hands behind and throw them on the floor, pull the legs. The right leg, bend the knee, put near the base of the left foot of the knee. Raise and lower the left leg. Do 10-15 repetitions.
Gymnastics with varicose veins2

For the treatment of varicose veins is as effective as possible, during the day you can perform complementary activities:

  1. Stand up straight, walk of place exactly. The elevation of the socks and slowly lower. Do 20-30 repetitions. Socks breed apart, the heel of put it together and again make 20-30 uploads. The same procedure should be done with breeding in the heels and socks together.
  2. It is necessary to resemble in a place with no lifting of the soil, the socks.
  3. Put the feet together, pull the hand along the trunk. Doing a slow breath, bring your shoulders back. As you exhale you need to relax and tilt the head forward.
  4. The initial position is the same. Doing a deep breath, lift the hands up and embark on socks. After this, the exhale return to its original position.
  5. Very effective is the grounding of the buttocks. This exercise can be performed in any position of the body.

Exercises for the prevention of varicose veins

To prevent the development of varicose veins, it is necessary to perform special exercises:

  1. Lying down, hand to pull along the trunk, put the leg straight on the chair. Alternatively, turn to the left and to the right of the base of the foot. Do 5 repetitions for each foot.
  2. Lying down, hand to pull along the trunk. The legs to lift and separate in different parts. You must pull the socks and rotate the ankle joints to the right and to the left. Do 5-7 repetitions.
  3. In the same position, bend the legs and make the rotation movement in the knee joints. Do 5-8 times to the right and to the left.
  4. Lean on the shoulder, and lift your legs up, as in the exercise "berezka". Separate the legs from side to side. The position of the feet change . Do 4 to 7 reps.
  5. Have fun in the socks 10-15 times, stand on one foot and after a few seconds repeat the jumps.

Most forms of treatment of the disease

The sport

Of course, varicose veins, certain limitations of motor activity.

But this does not mean that all types of the sport of varicose veins are prohibited. For example, it is very useful to practice swimming, it will allow all of the exercises can be done sitting or lying down.

In addition, it is possible to practice yoga or pilates.


The benefits of massage for varicose veins is the stimulation of the circulation of the blood to the areas.

It is desirable that this procedure be performed by an experienced professional.

If you decide to do this by itself, it is necessary to remember that the touch should be as light and delicate. Can not touch the veins that stand out more than others – this can aggravate the problem.

The diet

The diet of varicose veins is the nutrition.

In the diet should be present in foods that have a positive effect on the state of the blood and the vessels. It is necessarily necessary to consume foods rich in vitamin C.

In addition, in the diet, necessarily must be present in the shellfish, because they prevent the distension of the walls of the vessels.

Are not less useful, and vegetable fiber, which allow the normal functioning of the intestine, which is very important for varicose veins.

The contraindications for physiotherapists

In this disease, in any case, you should not overload the legs.

Not recommended for professionals in sports that require static exercises or severe power loads.

Categorically, you can't lift up the gravity.

Varicose veins are valid only gentle exercise, which does not cause excess tension.

Varicose veins is quite unpleasant disease, which occurs very often. To reduce your manifestation, it is recommended to perform special exercises. This is very important, for the classes were moderate and regular.