Instructions for use Varicobooster

It is very important to use the cream of varicose veins Varicobooster easy, and a variety of components allows you to get rid of additional creams and substances. Such creams contain all the possible solutions to combat diseases of the veins. The versatile preparations, the course of treatment depends on several moments:

  • the degree has developed to the disease
  • the presence of secondary diseases
  • the individual characteristics and the General state of the organism

Possibility of use consists in applying a small amount of the drug on patients areas of the legs. It is recommended that you RUB the cream Varicobooster not more than 1 time per day, similar drugs continue to be used. After a while in the skin active trace elements in the medium is absorbed that quickly, the feeling of heaviness and swelling relieves.

If formwork angle, after a month, the positive dynamics of the treatment appears. This is manifested in the condition of the health of the feet and the skin. Disease turns away, and limbs, and health, both external and internal. People with an active lifestyle, often ask whether it is possible to squat with varicose veins? Because the physical exercises make the biggest part of your life. The doctors prohibit clearly a serious burden for the legs with varicose veins. But if the dosage is not greater than the permissible Norm, and during the lesson, a compression clothing, then the exercises will not refuse need.

In addition to sit-UPS as you can in the program of classes home trainer. The only condition – with the advice of the attending physician and the lack of accompanying complications. There are special units for people with disease of the veins to minimize the in the horizontal Form, and the burden for the legs. An integral part of the compression were stockings of knit. You give stretch the veins that support the muscles and improve blood circulation.

Areas Of Application Varicobooster

Varicobooster suitable for those who observed:

  • the warikosnaja disease of varying severity
  • chronic venous insufficiency
  • post-traumatic swelling
  • посттромботический syndrome
  • Hematoma Soft Tissues
  • Spider veins

The cream can be applied in the case of suspected varicose veins, as well as prophylaxis. The place of use after the surgery to remove the veins.

Contraindications to the use of Varicobooster

Contraindication in Varicobooster virtually no, with the exception of open wounds at the place of application, trophic ulcers and other injury to the integrity of the skin. Also not recommended for people with allergies to any component of the preparation.